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Relocated to a quirky little island off the west coast of Florida and I'm in my element. Well, I'm a Pisces afterall. Surrounded by water and nature makes each day a gift. Our little town of 900 permanent residents is special, so visit here for photos and I'll share it with you.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cedar Key Fire Dept.

Since we're a small town of only 800 permanent residents, we have a volunteer fire and rescue department. The firemen and EMT's carry beepers with them 24/7. We do have 911 available here on the island, our phone call goes to Bronson about 40 miles away, and they immediately dispatch the info to the beepers. I have to say it appears to work very well. And I also have to say, we've been fortunate not to have many fires on the island. The last one was well over a year ago, when one of the homes on Piney Point caught on fire after being struck by lightening. Having a volunteer dept. is just one of the many things that differs from living in a large city.


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