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Relocated to a quirky little island off the west coast of Florida and I'm in my element. Well, I'm a Pisces afterall. Surrounded by water and nature makes each day a gift. Our little town of 900 permanent residents is special, so visit here for photos and I'll share it with you.

Friday, January 06, 2006

View From the Cemetery

Our cemetery here on the island is more of a park and lovely to walk through. This is one view taken from there. The back bayou, salt marshes and our water tower in the distance. It's not a bad place to spend eternity.
Based on a comment from Eric, I guess now is a good time to give you a bit more info on Cedar Key. Contrary to what many of you might think....we are not located in south Florida or part of Key West. Rather, we are located on the Nature Coast, one hour west of Gainesville and 150 miles southwest of Tallahhassee in north, central, Florida. Located 24 miles from the highway, one travels over 4 bridges from the mainland and then is on the island proper. We're a small (800/900 permanent residents) fishing village and Cedar Key boasts the distinction of being the #1 place in the USA of farm raised clams. We're also noted for our delicious crab. Many of the locals here are part of families that go back 4 and 5 generations. Living here surrounded by Mother Nature and the waters of the Gulf of Mexico is indeed a slice of paradise.


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