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Relocated to a quirky little island off the west coast of Florida and I'm in my element. Well, I'm a Pisces afterall. Surrounded by water and nature makes each day a gift. Our little town of 900 permanent residents is special, so visit here for photos and I'll share it with you.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Cedar Key Railroad

To connect the Atlantic coast with the Gulf had been the dream of David Yulee, Florida Railroad pioneer. The dream became reality in March of 1861 when the 155 miles of track from Fernandina to Cedar Key was completed. Travel reached a new high in 1881 when the company started running two trains a day into the city. The tracks ran out to a large loading dock where goods could be loaded directly from ocean-going ships which docked at Cedar Key. After the turn of the century, sawmills in Cedar Key gave out and the boats began docking at other ports. Later a road was put through to Cedar Key and finished off the railroad in 1932.
Conductor, Clyde Coulter, donated the uniform he wore on the railroad and it's now preserved at our Historical Museum.


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